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POW/MIA Pool Table Felt


  • POW/MIA Pool Table Felt
  • Designs are printed on tournament grade Hainsworth worsted pool table felt with a 70/30 wool and nylon blend.
  • Woven in Logo to ensure Consistent Ball Play
  • Officially Licensed Logo
  • Free Color Cue Chalk (12 cubes)


What better way to show support for the U.S. military than a custom POW/MIA pool table felt? You can trust us to provide you with the highest quality felt for your billiard table. Our officially licensed pool table designs are printed on worsted wool pool table felt. Worsted wool felts are a premium longer lasting cloth that offers minimal issues with fuzz “pilling” than many other types of billiard felt. The logo and background are printed on the custom felt at the same time. There are no raised areas on the felt that will disrupt the roll of the balls.

So if you are looking to spice up your pool table in a game room or sports bar, you can proudly show support for your favorite branch of service on a high quality pool table felt. We also provide you with enough felt to cover the bed and the rails.

To extend the life of your custom pool felt, we recommend that you use a high quality set of balls to minimize the natural wear of your felt.  We also recommend the use of a break pad to extend the life of your custom felt. We recommend that the pool table felt is placed out of the way of direct sunlight. The UV rays from sunlight will naturally fade the vibrant colors of your felt. The best thing to do is cover your table with a pool table cover when the table isn‘t being used. Use a high quality soft horse hair pool brush to wipe clean your custom cloth. If you spill a drink onto your custom felt, wipe up the standing liquid with a towel as soon as possible. Feel free to use are damp cloth to wipe the remaining liquid and allow time to dry before playing again. We do not recommend the use of any water or stain repellent. Over period of time, the repellent will actually attract dust and dirt to the felt.

Free colored cue chalk is included with your order. The colored chalk sent will be a close match to one of the colors on the pool table felt. The chalk will be one of our stock colors and will include a box of 12 cubes. This item will ship separate from your custom pool table felt.

Lastly, please allow at least 8 weeks to receive your POW/MIA pool table felt after you have placed your order.  We are not able to speed up the production process.

Here at, we are the industry experts on custom designed pool table felts. Email us if you have any questions or concerns about ordering this product. We are here to provide you with assistance.

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