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USMC Pool Table Felt (A)


  • Show your support for our military with this great USMC logo on Home or Professional quality billiard felt.
  • The HOME VERSION (polyester based) is good for the casual/recreational player.
  • The (PROFESSIONAL) CUSTOM POOL TABLE FELT is a worsted wool felt with stain resistance. This is ideal for competitive play and high use areas such as sports bars and pool halls.


USMC pool table felt design with the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor emblem.  The background has a red textured design with the words Semper Fi (Always Faithful) on each end.  At Custom Table Felt, performance is always priority #1. With previous processes, like silk screening, having an image on your cloth drastically affected the play-ability with regard to ball slide, unwanted speed changes, etc. So, how is Custom Table Felt’s Printed Cloth different? Since the entire playing surface is printed, you have the personal touch you want, with…

  • NO speed difference
  • NO ball deflection
  • NO added ball spin

The (PROFESSIONAL) CUSTOM POOL TABLE FELT option is intended for high use areas such as sports bars, schools, and billiard rooms. This custom pool table felt design is printed on a tournament grade, worsted cloth with the image dyed directly into the fabric. Each cloth is treated with a Spill Guard protection, that prevents liquid spills from staining the cloth.

  • Both Home and Professional felts are available for 8 and 9 foot billiard tables.
  • Professional installation is recommended.

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery after receipt of order confirmation.  The Professional pool table felt takes 4 weeks for delivery.

We offer world wide shipping for this product.

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