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Custom Pool Table – Excalibur



Custom Table Felt has partnered with Mitchell Pool Tables to provide our customers with the very best custom pool tables on the market. Mitchell Custom Tables has been designing and building pool tables with superb workmanship and stunning designs since 1979.  The featured custom pool table Excalibur is a contemporary design billiard table.

Mitchell’s custom pool table’s unique designs incorporate high grade materials like stainless steel, aluminum and tempered glass.

Every Mitchell pool table is custom hand crafted in the USA and available in your choice of size and materials. The custom pool table Excalibur build time is 18-20 weeks.

At Mitchell Custom Tables, they are passionate about making beautiful, functional, handmade billiard tables for our clients.

Mitchell’s custom built tables are used and enjoyed, becoming cherished family heirlooms that are passed down for generations and backed by a complete warranty on workmanship and materials. Look no further for perfection than the custom pool table Excalibur!

So please, browse through some of our past customer designed tables. If you don’t like what you see, fill out our inquiry form and one of our knowledgeable sales staff will contact you to discuss your options.

We offer White Glove Delivery service within the United States and the Caribbean Islands. Our tables are able to be shipped worldwide.

Included Accessories
Five two piece Cue sticks, Bridge, Cleaning Brushes, Aramith Premier Balls, Matching Cue Chalk, Leather Dust Cover, Tote Bag and Floor Cue Stand

Lifetime Warranty
Mitchell Custom Tables Inc, warrants its billiard, pocket billiard (pool) and snooker tables against defects in material or workmanship (excluding normal wear and tear). Mitchell Custom Tables Inc, in its sole discretion, will either repair or replace any and all parts proven to be defective. Excluded are any Products sold or used for commercial purposes. This Lifetime Warranty is subject only to the limitations as set forth below. • This Lifetime Warranty is non-transferable and only applies to the initial purchaser of the Product (Owner) from Mitchell. • Cloth, pockets, rubber cushions are not covered by this Lifetime Warranty. This Lifetime Warranty is void if the Product is not installed and serviced by Mitchell Custom Tables Inc. White Glove Delivery Service. • Any claim under this Lifetime Warranty must be made through Mitc hell Custom Tables Inc. • Parts returned hereunder shall be shipped by conventional surface freight to Mitchell pre-paid. If the parts are determined by Mitchell in its sole discretion, to be defective, they will be repaired or replaced and returned pre-paid by conventional surface freight carrier. The cost of shipping (as provided herein) the Product to Mitchell shall be reimbursed as well. The labor cost for removing or replacing the damaged part shall be paid by Mitchell. • Repairs or replacement of any defective parts shall constitute complete fulfillment of all obligations with respect to the Product. This Lifetime Warranty does not require the replacement of the entire billiard, pocket billiard or snooker table.

For quote and ordering info, please fill out the form below. A knowledgeable sales rep will contact you for further assistance.

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