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If you live in Alaska, Hawaii or outside the continental USA, read this before you order, thanks.
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Custom Table Felt
Pool Table Installation & Felt Recovering DVD
Billiard Table Felt Installing
 Recovering Poker Tables

If you live in Alaska, Hawaii or outside the continental USA, read this before you order, thanks.
Our new DVD takes you step-by-step through the process of installing and recovering your own pool table. Watch as our seasoned mechanics show you in detail the best way to complete each step. You'll learn valuable hints that our pool table mechanics have learned over the years of installing hundreds of pool tables. Also gives you details on what equipment and supplies you'll need to do the job. This is the most complete and informative DVD available for pool table assembly and felt recovering.
Running time is approximately 50 minutes.


Assembly Steps:
Package Contents
Table Parts
Table Frame
Table Legs
Leg Attachment
Leveling the Table
Slate Installation
Covering the Rails
Attaching Rail Aprons
Attaching the Pockets
Pocket Liners
Leveling the Slates
Waxing the Seams

Cloth Replacement:
Applying the Felt
Trimming the Felt
Gluing the Pockets
Stapling the Pocket Felt
Mounting the Rails
Rail Alignment
Stapling the Pockets
Placing the Spot
Closing Tips

Item Name:   STEP-BY-STEP Pool Table Installation and Felt Recovering DVD
Price: $79.99